Objavljen je poziv na peto izdanje međunarodnog natječaja za studente arhitekture UIA – HYP CUP 2016

Ovogodišnji selektor Bernard Tschumi unutar glavne teme “Arhitektura u transformaciji” odlučio je staviti naglasak na “Konceptu i prikazu”. Tschumi je ujedno i predsjednik ocjenjivačkog suda, dok će uz njega u odabiru najboljih rješenja sudjelovati i Cui Kai iz Kine kao predstavnik UIA. 


‘Architecture almost exclusively uses visual means to outline what it does: Plans, Sections, Elevations, Perspectives, Axonometrics. But what about movement – the
movement of bodies in space? Are there modes of notation applicable to what has been excluded from architectural discourse?
What about the other four senses – touch, sound, smell, and why not taste? In this competition, you will invent new modes of notation that not only include the proposed movement of bodies in space, but also lead to an architectural concept, namely an
overriding idea that directs the development of your scheme. The program is act as an urban generator. By this, we mean a place that can foster and encourage new modes of living unknown until today.’ 

Bernard Tschumi

Registracija i informacije:

Email: uedcompetition@163.com
Link: http://hypcup2016.uedmagazine.net/